How Does Mississippi's Past Affect The Present

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The state of Mississippi has went through many different changes over the years with the state of the economy system to citizens that make of this wonderful state. At one time in the state history, growth of the economy was based solely on agricultural and the sweat and tears of the African slaves. The state best producing crops were cotton, beans, corn and other crops were kept Mississippi a float. Known as the Cotton King, thanks to backs , sweat and tears of many African American forefathers. But , Mississippi past is embed with violence. Mississippi is slow to change. But, when it does, everything and everyone is affected by it. Stretching away the way from the early settlers through the long ride to freedom, Mississippi’s past…show more content…
Native Americans today, in Mississippi, live on reservation. There is a reservation in Neshoba County in Philadelphia, MS. Many towns and cities have not changed in several years in Mississippi. Some towns seem liked that are frozen in time. A person would find many of these frozen in time towns in the Delta. Much a Mississippi’s violent past took place in the Delta. The small town of Greenwood and Indianola are living witness of such a brutal past. There are still reminiscence of the past lingering on. In Tallahatchie County, where Emmitt Till was brutally murder, the parts of the store still remains where Emmitt Till supposedly had whistle at a white woman. Much of the area is covered in the unmistakable kudzu vines. Mississippi is making progress. Sometime change is hard but necessary. The majority of the universities in the state have a good number of people from all works of life attending them and walking down those ivory halls. With just these little improvements, has brought Mississippi to the forefront of being a good place to live and raise a family. Many factories that would normally go else where could to the state of Mississippi. Many towns are flourishing because of the imports of these factoires and
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