How Does Modern Culture Affect Childhood

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Childhood is best remembered as the days when people could live life without a care in the world. Since people were so young, they did not understand much of the world, but only what their parents taught them. However, as time goes on the essence of childhood changes as well. Some people claim that modern culture is a positive influence on kids. They claim that pop culture allows kids to be more well-rounded. Yet, where there are benefits, there are also consequences. Despite the positive outlook on childhood, the aspect of modern culture, specifically the increase in technology, the role of parents and peers, and the determinants of what is ‘cool’, has diminished childhood. One way modern culture has diminished childhood is through the use of technology. Kids today are growing up in a world where technology dominates all platforms. Whether it be watching cartoons on the television or playing games on a computer or tablet. Because technology has become so prominent, kids have greater access to…show more content…
Steve Sinnott, the general secretary of the NUT, believes that multinational companies have a social control where they target children and have an overall effect on their school performances (Harris). Boys, especially, try to live up to society’s standards of being “disdainful and rude.” They see that working hard in school is not cool and will therefore shame those and the teachers who do such things. The toys as well are more gender specific than they ever have been before. The commercialization of these products to kids manipulate the choices they have in life (Harris). Both boys and girls will think that they must think and act a certain otherwise society degrades them. The limits that society puts on children prevents them from living their childhood to the
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