How Does Modern Culture Affect Children

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Is modern culture ruining the childhood of this generation of our children? Some people might say yes and some might say no, but I think that modern culture is ruining childhood. When you were younger do you remember going outside to play with your friends and other kid in the neighborhood? Do you remember playing all sorts of games that did not need anything to do with electronics? In this generation it is most likely that if you look outside your window you will most likely see none or hardly any kids playing up and down your block. It is because most likely they are in their homes either watching TV, on their smartphones, or playing video games. Yes, when we were younger, we also had phones and video games, but instead of an iPhone, Android, and Xbox we had flip phones, sidekicks, gameboy, and Gamecube. But we had barely used…show more content…
Instead of watching their children they are on their phone going through Facebook and liking other people post and see how other people are doing with their lives. When they go out in public, they are so busy on their phones that they are not carefully watching their kids and even for just a second something bad can happen to their kids and when they look up from their phones it will be too late for them to do anything to help or save their children from being severely hurt or even kidnapped. People become so into what they are doing on their phones that they become blind to everything surrounding them. Most accidents are caused by people who think it is more important to check their phones to see what people are posting on instagram, or who sent them a text message, or what people are doing on their story on snapchat, and because of that they are not paying attention to the road that they end up killing themselves or someone else who did not deserve to die because you were too busy being on your phone and not looking ahead to see what is happening around
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