How Does Modern Technology Affect Mental Health

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Modern technology is a rapidly increasing danger to the ever-changing minds of today’s younger generations. This paper explains how Tmental health is being detrimentally affected by the constantly growing accessibility of social media and other similar such technologies detrimentally affects mental health. Social media is then analyzed as an outlet for narcissistic tendencies and how those tendencies affect adolescents and their mental health. Behavior and social skills are also evaluated in how they are negatively impacted by such technology as well. Modern technologies, (particularly social media sites), provoke psychological disorders in adolescents due to their accessibility, their potential to encourage narcissistic behavior, and their negative influence on behavior and social skills. The drastic increase of internet around the world in the last decade has made its accessibility a hazard to the mental health of adolescents and others. “Aided by the…show more content…
In 1993, a study conducted by HomeNet discovered that when the internet was first introduced to their homes, the average weekly number of hours spent online for adolescents predicted an increase in depressive symptoms one to two years later. However, this study was more recently repeated with college students and discovered that daily use of Facebook was correlated with lower life satisfaction and more depressive symptoms by the end of the week (George N.Pag.). The recent increase of social media and internet use and its associated accessibility has drastically caused detrimental effects to generations. The availability of social media, and other modern technology allows adolescents to judge and be judged much more easily. Cyberbullying and online
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