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History is filled with different movements throughout different time periods, but do these movements affect design and if so, how do they affect design? In this essay different kettles throughout different time periods will be compared to see if these movements do play a role in design.

From the second half of the 19th century till today, the ideals of modernism have been debated. Although traces of modernism can be seen everywhere in society today, it has not always been this way.
Modernism is the one language that designers of the 19th and 20th century have been looking for. The language where the ornament and functionality of objects are combined in such a manner that one can judge the quality and level of functionality of that object
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As one can see in Figure 7 and 8 the two main styles for kettles have been adapted to the cordless kettle while Figure 7 also shows the mixed tastes of the jug and the modern kettle.

Figure 8: Cordless Polypropylene kettle
All the examined kettles up to now in this essay where either made purely to focus on functionality or to still have the functionality, but just change the design to please the eye. These are the most common types of kettles seen everywhere today, but there is one other movement in history that influenced all manner of designs and technology, but with a different motto in mind...

Postmodernism inspired many designs that astonish people with the looks and style, but have not put any focus on how exactly the functionality would be influenced by this design. A perfect example of Postmodernism in kettles is the kettle that is known as the ‘Hot Bertaa’ (Figure 9).

Figure 9: Hot Bertaa Kettle

The Hot Bertaa kettle was first launched in 1990 and created by Philipe Starck. Only 6 years after its release, its production had been stopped and here’s

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