How Does Money Buy Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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Money, wealth and power have always been in the forefront of man’s greedy and selfish mind and heart. Do all these things truly bring happiness? Great men have risen and fallen due to a failure to control their urges and tame the very things that they believe will free them. The characters in The Great Gatsby all struggle with that ideal. They subscribe to the idea that money can buy happiness; when in reality, all it brings to them is misery. The story opens up with its narrator Nick Carraway explaining to the reader that he “comes from a prominent family and is deciding to go East and learn the bond business” (Fitzgerald 3). Nick is young and impressionable. He is looking to make his own way and make his own fortune. He is wide eyed when he gets to West Egg. The extravagant home of Jay Gatsby makes an immediate impression on the young Nick Carraway. He notices that his house is labeled as an eyesore compared to Gatsby’s, and he begins to…show more content…
It is implied that she may be heir to quite a bit of money but doesn’t have access to it (source). When introduced, we quickly realize that Jordan is nothing like Daisy but quite the opposite. She is quick witted and strong willed. She plays plays golf professionally and had even been rumored to have cheated to win a tournament. Although she begins a relationship with Nick, she never really seems to buy in completely. She further shows her unethical side when she becomes the contact for Daisy and Gatsby to begin their affair. Jordan’s heart seems to soften up towards the end of the story. She begins to see a future with Nick but her callousness to the death of Myrtle totally turns Nick away from her, almost to the point of disgust. (source) Jordan’s failed relationship with Nick may have forced her to rethink what it meant to be in a relationship as we find out that when Nick finally reaches out to her again, she is engaged to be
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