How Does Money Buy Happiness

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People who can 't afford to do certain things might never have the chance to change their lives. The people who are poor are often disrespected in the society. They need to beg and ask others for money, which indeed doesn’t make a person happy. The first point is that we need money to live in a respected way in the society. Wealthier countries and people are happier than poor countries and people. As they get richer they get happier and they be more comfortable. There is a strong relationship between money and happiness. However if we have money, we don’t need to beg others for money. Also people can live in the society with respect, and with lots of satisfaction, because we are not depending on others. For this reason I can say that money really can buy happiness. In reality money is what brings the happiness. The second reason is that without money there is no love, friends, and families. People say that money can’t bring happiness because we will have fake friends and people around us. As to author Gretchen Rubin, in her book happier at home states that, “money can help us to stay close to other people, families and friends, which is perhaps the key to…show more content…
The last reason is we can travel across the world. Don’t you want to travel around the world? The answer can be different from one person to another. The one who have money would always try to travel around the world in their lifetime. This would in turn give them a lot of happiness and they would feel at top of the world. Unless you have money you cannot even dream of going abroad. In my country there are some opportunities which have given to people who can work as housemaids. This has become very popular because they can go abroad for less amount of money and can earn much more. Sometimes this is an advantage for them to travel abroad. So without money you cannot fulfill your dreams of going abroad. As I mentioned before without money we cannot be happy. We need money for our dreams and to make them
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