How Does Money Equal Happiness

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For some people, their entire lives revolve around money and nothing else. In that way, money could equal happiness. It honestly depends on how important money is to them. To me, money does not equal happiness because in my opinion, I do not need money to be with my family and friends. They are all I will ever need to be happy in my life. Money can change people in many negative ways and make them do things they will later regret. For instance, there was this story we just read in my English class not too long ago. It was about this fastidious, middle-class woman and her motivation towards happiness. Happiness to her meant that she had to have a really beautiful dress, fine jewelry, and a wealthy life. Out of pure jealousy, she had stopped coming in contact with her friend, only because she was somewhat wealthy. That shows a lot how much money means to her. Thinking of herself, she asks that same friend if she can loan her some jewelry for this extremely elegant party she will be attending with her husband. Out of all her friend’s jewelry, she chose the most expensive looking necklace. But before asking her friend for the jewelry, she had told her husband that she did not want to go to the party because she did not have an appropriate dress. So her husband willingly gave her all his money, in which he had saved up for his own happiness. He gave her that so she could be happy, but that wasn 't enough for her. She needed more. She needed jewelry now. So her
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