How Does Montag Get His Knowledge In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury, a fireman named Montag burned books for a living. One day he met a 17-year-old girl named Clarisse McClellane, she made him question his life, if he happy the way he is living, pondering the absurd question, Montag receives knowledge from Clarisse. He becomes more aware of his environment. he realizes his life is unstable. First his wife, Mildred, attempts suicide by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. Then, on work duty an old woman chooses to be burned alive along with her books. A few days later, he hears from his boss that Clarisse has been killed by a speeding car. He soon sought out the answer if he was really happy, and searched it in the books that he had stolen and hid in his air vent.
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