Role Of Government In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury talks about a society without books. Television replaces books in their society. Reading and everything related with literature is gone. People that have books are breaking the law. The government wants a society where everyone is "equal". Montag thinks that he is happy with his life, job, and marriage, but when he meets a young girl called Clarisse he realizes that he is not happy and everything changes. Mildred, as wife of Montag, plays a very important role in the life of Montag. Through the actions of Mildred, the reader is led to the alarming conclusion that she is crazy, but the reality is the opposite. The government affects Mildred’s way of thinking and her society’s ways of thinking by taking books away.…show more content…
It doesn't matter if the people you love think otherwise. Why is Mildred going to think different, if everyone thinks only one way? This was the case of Mildred Montag .She had a marriage of ten years and everything went well. Everything that happened in her marriage was normal. In the times of Fahrenheit 451, women usually stay in the home and saw television all day. Families have two or three walls of televisions and that is all they do. That's the way that the government manipulates society. People only coexist with televisions. Mildred calls television her "family", and she thinks that television is her family because she talks with the people on television and they make her feel important. Television is the only thing that she can see around her. Mildred only has attachment of “family” in the soap of opera she watches. Montag is always working and she spends all day watching television. It’s the only thing that she can do. Although if she was with her friends their meetings were only interact with television. They don’t do nothing more than see television all day. Mildred and her society were submitted by the influence of television, and were blinded and manipulated by the way her government
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