How Does Morgan Spurlock Use The Fast Food Industry In America?

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In 2004, Morgan Spurlock came up with a brilliant idea to fully investigate fast food companies and their effects on people in America, particularly McDonalds. Spurlock decides to go on a 30 day McDonald’s diet, where he eats nothing but McDonald’s food only. He gives himself rules to abide by such as he must eat one of everything on the McDonald’s menu at least once and when he is asked to super-size a meal, he must do it. If McDonalds doesn’t serve it, Spurlock cannot eat it and he must also eat three meals a day, no excuses. Throughout the documentary, Spurlock provides a plethora of evidence to defend and prove his point. However, Spurlock’s main argument is to bring awareness to the food that people consume, not just fast food but all …show more content…

He uses “you” to make the viewers feel like he’s addressing them directly in order to grab their attention. Spurlock provides the audience with advice on how to actually eat healthy. He also specifies information regarding the fast food industry as a whole. “It’s up to you to shift your eating habits.” He adds “I think the big question is, is who do you want to see go first? You or them?” Spurlock’s experiment implies that if Americans continue to let the fast food industry manipulate their eating habits, they are likely to die and it is solely Americans responsibility on what they choose to eat on a daily basis. Spurlock urges for Americans to step up to the plate and be responsible of their health. All humans have a choice, and humans should not be forced, manipulated or tricked into eating food that they know is not healthy for them. If people would take it upon themselves to eat healthier, exercise more, and be fully aware of the dangers and consequences of eating too much fast food, then there would be no obesity in America. That is the purpose of Super Size Me. So the big question is, what is going to make Americans stop and think? How many experiments does people like Morgan Spurlock have to conduct in order to convince people that we have a responsibility to their children and

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