How Does Mosionier Use Literary Techniques In In Search Of April Raintree

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In order for a novel to have more deepfelt meaning or to convey the true meaning rightfully an author needs to use literary techniques. For instance, in the novel In Search of April Raintree written by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier used several literary techniques. Basically, to convey the life story of Aboriginal people, specifically speaking Metis, from childhood to adulthood. The protagonist April Raintree suffered through life obstacles. However, her sister Cheryl, did not handle the situation well. With Mosionier’s use of tone, dialogue and flashback the readers are able to connect and comprehend to the Raintree sister’s unimaginable life events.
The most gruesome event that shuddered the Raintree sister’s life is April becoming a victim of rape. The author’s way to deliver the readers the same shock as April felt at that moment is to use tone words to describe the situation. As April recalls the moment when “[s]uddenly, he shoved his penis into [April] so violently that when [she] felt the pain of his thrust tear into [her] body, [her] eyes opened wide with terror” (Mosionier 130). The author’s use of the tone words such as shoved, violently, pain, thrust and terror emphasizes the degrading feeling April felt at that moment. Since, one cannot fully understand what it would …show more content…

Specifically speaking, flashbacks are shown mostly through letters or journals that were written by Cheryl and read by April. For example, one of the most influential flashback to the overall plot would be when April found Cheryl’s journals. April read that “[their] mother took her own life. [s]he killed herself” (199). Through flashbacks the author was able to fit the missing puzzles to the plot. Similarly, this is also the time when a character, namely, April realizes all the motives of an action. In this case, the reason why Cheryl jumped off the

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