How Does Motivation Affect Everyday Life

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The basic and psychological definition of motivation is the “reason or reasons someone acts in a particular way or fashion”. In order to understand how motivation affects everyday life, one must understand how motivation is categorized; how motivation functions; and why motivation is critical to human interaction. Motivation can be separated into two categories; internal and external motivations. Internal or intrinsic motivation means that one participates in activities or acts in a certain way because it is personally rewarding. Having the satisfaction of completing a task and feeling pride and personal growth has been related to intrinsic motivation. Different from internal motivation, there is external or extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation means that one participates in behavior or performs a task to earn a tangible award or avoid punishment. Unlike intrinsic behavior, people may engage in this type of motivation even if they don’t find it satisfying. In terms of employment the types of motivation and the goals trying to be reached are defined and executed differently by various employees.
As mentioned previously, motivation, based on circumstance, has various functions. For example, the motivation behind
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For international employees or students, the motivation to leave their home country and take on a whole new venture caused action. Without the initial motivation, the impulse and desire would not exist, and their desired opportunities would be missed. Once in a new situation, individuals have to adjust to a new culture and this effort can only come out of motivation or necessity. With the power of motivation, international employees and students have the ability to overcome difficult situations and interact with the natives in the country. People with higher motivation and purpose are open to experiencing a new environment and have little to no issues
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