How Does Multiculturalism Affect Aboriginal Community?

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Around the world, Canada is known for three things: cold weather, maple syrup, and multiculturalism. In its truest sense, does multiculturalism mean equality for all races and ethnicities? The absence of prejudice and discrimination in Canada may be a misconception shared by many Canadians and non- Canadians. Despite Canada’s huge multicultural community, hate and intolerance still exist within Canadian society today as seen through the influx of islamophobia and the ignorance of the government towards issues that affect Aboriginal communities. When any important events occur in the world, whether it be positive or negative, everyone is affected by it and experiences the effects of it. This is known as the ripple effect; a situation in which one event causes…show more content…
The Aboriginal communities in Canada are isolated from the rest of society, and their issues are often overlooked by the mainstream media. Furthermore, regarding the unsolved cases and other Aboriginal issues, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated ‘most’ of the cases are solved and that "… it isn 't really high on our radar, to be honest."(Kappo, 2014). This reflects the former government’s complete disregard for the extremely important issues that currently affect Aboriginal communities. Although a federal inquiry into this issue has been launched due to pressure from various activist group, this does not eliminate the blatant disregard for Aboriginal issues in Canada. A 2015 UN report has stated that Indigenous women are more likely to die due to violent acts. Furthermore, the UN has also urged Canada to take action regarding violence and find reasons as to why it occurs because it violates rights (“UN urges Canada,” n.d.). In order to create a better society, this issues must be recognized by the government and Canadian citizens should be made aware of them as
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