Comparing Ludwig Van Beethoven And Charlie Parker's Music

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Music has a miraculous ability to affect people’s lives in many different ways. One of the greatest composers of all time is Ludwig Van Beethoven. Well known for his superhuman ability to compose the finest melodies while he was deaf and melancholic. Beethoven’s era was one when classical music really flourished. Mozart, Bach and Haydn were also active at the same era, which only proved how extraordinary he was to shine through in such fierce competition. Similarly, Charlie Parker is an eminent, but more modern musical composer. The clearest difference between the two composer’s music is the fact that Parker created a new music subgenre, Bebop, while Beethoven excelled at following the footsteps of the musical masters of his era. Music affects…show more content…
There are reasons that are related to the kind of music itself, such as the way it affects people’s moods and feelings, or how it plays a role in the definition of their identity. Some people may find a certain genre of music relaxing, and helps them focus on the tasks at hand. Other people may like another genre because they need a distraction or an escape from their busy lives. Sometimes people can’t even explain a certain reason why they like that kind of music or this, they simply say “it feels like my kind of music”, so they find that it resembles their personality in a way, and defines who they are. Those reasons are objective. But there are other reasons that are subjective, which means that a person doesn’t like the music because of the music, but because of the memories or situations associated with it. A particular song or melody may remind a person of someone they love. Another song may remind them of a situation when they were happy and joyful. So that music in a way brings the person back to that time or situation, and creating a similar feeling of…show more content…
But each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, Beethoven’s quote is shorter and easier to remember, but at the same time, it’s doesn’t express his thoughts and opinions clear enough. While Parker’s quote is a little bit too long, it clearly states what he wants to say. I personally feel that Parker’s statement resembles me more, because I strongly believe in individuality and uniqueness. I think it’s extremely important to be creative and original, because every person has their own experiences, opinions and thoughts. And I believe that what makes a person who they are, and that’s what makes each one different and we should all celebrate that by expressing our creativity. The sky’s the

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