How Does Music Affect Sonny's Life

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Sonny was a smart, kind, and non-harsh boy. He was not like many of the other kids in the neighborhood he lived in, which was Harlem, New York City. Harlem is all that Sonny has ever known and he does not like it. Ever since he was young, he had a rough childhood and had many experiences that led up to where he got to be in his life. Some of the traumatic experiences that led Sonny to be the person that he became was the death of his mother, music, and finally drugs. Getting into music had a huge impact on Sonny’s life, and that being with the introduction to drugs and his place to get away. All Sonny really wants to do is escape from Harlem, and he does so through music alone. As a young child, Sonny was struck with the horrible tragedy of his mother’s death. Any young child would have an extremely difficult time dealing with the loss of their mother. A mother is a role model that every child should look up to, so with the death of Sonny’s mother, he had no parent figure to look up to other than his brother who was not really there for Sonny in the right moments. Sonny was definitely impacted deeply by this event…show more content…
This experience primarily had two impacts on him, the positive and also the negative effects. Firstly, the good being that music made Sonny happy. Music was more than just feeling good and being an artist to him, it was his escape. Sonny escaped through his own music by letting him forget everything that was happening around him. He wanted to escape from life in Harlem, which he hated terribly. Music allowed Sonny to get to that happy place, that place of relaxation. All the while Sonny was in the music industry, his brother really had no idea why he was doing it, other than the bad reasons that he got into from it. Although Sonny could escape through his music, he knew that it would also destroy him and that being because of
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