How Does Music Influence Tv Commercials

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Music is used to express feelings and sense the feelings; it can affect people’s emotions in a short period of time. Research has indicated that there are some studies which suggest that music influences an audience mainly through their feelings. On the other hand, some researchers proposed that the power of music is to create moods (Kellaris, 1993). Most people will memorize things by feelings rather than facts. Hence, music may help an audience to recall or recognize the brand or the product.

Research was conducted by Kellaris (1993) illustrating the music-message congruency, which “refers to the congruency of meanings communicated nonverbally by music and verbally by ad copy” (115), has some impacts on the some aspects of ad recall and recognition. North’s study (2003) also revealed that there was an overall significant difference between the conditions with classical music leading to higher spending than both no music and pop music. It shows that music does have a significant impact on the customers’ spending. Likewise, the music of TV commercial does have some impact on the customers’ mood and purchasing intentions. If the music in TV commercials does have some impact on the customer, it may have the huge impact on the usage of music on TV commercials, which is more effective and efficient to influence the customer to buy the products or to evaluate the brand.
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This report will answer the following research questions: 1) What impact does the specific kind of music used in TV commercials have on customers’ purchasing intention? The following will illustrate the detailed analysis of the significant findings and discuss the research results. The conclusion will summarize the main points of this report and offer suggestions for further

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