How Does My Culture Affect Your Culture

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I took a step back for this assignment of identifying my culture to assess my life as an outsider I found many cultural aspects apply but I’ll touch on just a few. Most of my social norms, values and traditions are pretty typical for my background. I have genealogy tracing back all over Europe and my parents were raised in Nebraska and Ohio. So, as you can imagine their small town social norms, values and traditions followed them into the big city while they raised two daughters. My sister and I grew up with a lutheran mother and a previously catholic father. This entailed a lot of emphasis on being raised like a “lady”. This behavior affected all three of my cultural aspects. I’m not saying it worked because I still put my elbow on the dinner table but I do know some sure did stick.

Social norms, behavior and unspoken rules (Lecture 2/5/18), was one of the main cultural
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I have two main values and I recieved them through Operant Conditioning. The first value my family instilled in me would have to be handling responsibility well. Positive punishment was something I observed when the housing market crashed and my members of my family couldn’t pay their bills. Failure to pay resulted in fines to punish payment delinquency. They were inevitably forced to pay more because of the fines and overdraft fees making it harder to get back into control. Fortunately, they got back onto and simultaneously became my prime example of positive reinforcement for my next value, determination to provide for our family. My family worked hard and provided for my sister and I all while cheering us on. We were told we can accomplish anything we set our minds to and try. As a family, we were stronger as a collectivist group compared to individualistic tendencies. We made it through a tough time, showing that our values and hard work make all the
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