How Does Najmah Change

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(AGG) Everyone has an experience that drives them, in Najmas case she has many.(BS-1) The first time that Najmah changes is when her mother and baby brother Habib dies.(BS-2) The next time Najmah changes is when she goes in a pear truck headed towards peshawar.(BS-3) The final time Najmah changes is when Nur shows up and Najmah thinks back on Baba-jan 's last request. (TS) Najmah has changed throughout the course of the entire book based on the events that she has experienced and gone through.

(MIP-1) Najmah becomes more independent because her trust full family members are gone and so she is all alone.(SIP-A) Najmah was just a weak/scared girl who her family members saw as nothing special or superior(STEWE-1) Najma has a childish fear of leopards and her mother tells her to stop being scared of an
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Najmah is just a little childish girl who is scared of non existent fears. She has the luxury to have these fears because she hasn 't faced any real fear and she has no real responsibility yet either since she is just a kid.(STEWE-2) This is Najmas first time experiencing real fear instead of the childish monster underneath her bed “ I hold my breath. I am afraid that the Talib leader will shoot him if we don 't give the food"(16). This quote showed Najma 's first experience with a logical fear. The quote is bringing Najmah one step closer to becoming more mature and less childish as she was in the past as well as throwing away her childhood fears.(SIP-B) After Najmah sees her family either being killed or taken away she has to rely on herself to survive.(STEWE-1) This shows Najma 's baby brother being dead as well as her mother making her the only one left at the moment “ Habib lies motionless"(67). Since Najmah is all alone and has no one left to contact she has to rely on herself to figure out where to go from there since
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