How Does Napoleon Use Scapegoat In Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm a pig named Napoleon uses many methods like propaganda to rise to power. After overthrowing Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, the two prominent leaders on Animal Farm are Snowball and Napoleon but the latter decides to chase Snowball off the farm. He then makes himself the leader of Animal Farm and starts to downplay situations, use scapegoats, and use fear to control the animals of Animal Farm. These tactics keep Napoleon in control and the animals realize too late that their pig rulers have become as bad as the humans as the novel ends. In Animal Farm Napoleon uses scapegoats, fear mongers, and downplays to redirect any blame that could possibly harm his reputation as a good leader of Animal Farm and to keep the animals under his control. The methods used by Napoleon and the pigs of Animal Farm can be used to demonstrate the methods used by leaders to keep the members of society under their control. One method Napoleon uses is to downplay situations that could possibly harm his reputation as a good leader. Another method is the use of scapegoats to avoid responsibility for any wrongdoings. Finally, Napoleon and his ally, Squealer, often use fearmongering to avoid arguments with the animals and to manipulate them into following Napoleon’s orders.
Napoleon constantly downplays events that can
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Napoleon uses scapegoats to redirect anger and answer criticism the animals might have that concerns him and the pigs’ decisions. He downplays situations to make himself look better in the eyes of the animals. Also, he uses the tactic of fear mongering to control the animals by manipulating them through their emotions. To summarize, Napoleon manipulates the animals in many ways to maintain control of Animal
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