How Does New Technology Affect Surgeons

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New Technology: Helping or Hurting Doctors and Surgeons? Have you ever wanted to cut someone open and literally hold their heart in your hands? What about look at the human skeleton up close and personal? For doctors and surgeons, this is just a normal day on the job. However, doctors do need some help from time to time. This is where new technology in the form of tools and machines comes into play. Technology has made a positive impact on doctors in the medical field due to the many upgrades such as new tools for surgery and treatment, new cures for diseases, and improved learning and diagnostic tools. Technology has made upgrades in the medical field such as creating new tools for surgery and treatment. There have been new tools to help doctors see things more clearly while operating, which in turn helps them have a better practice. One example of a new device is a Nerve Integrity Monitoring monitor, or NIM monitor, which helps protect nerves when the doctor is performing a difficult ear, face, or throat surgery. “It helps surgeons to know when a vital nerve is approached to reduce the risk of nerve damage” (“New equipment helps surgeons”). Other good examples of new technology transforming the surgical field are enhanced video imaging, fluorescence imaging, and 3D imaging. These new surgical technologies drastically increase precision to allow doctors to operate on a microscopic scale. Smaller incisions…show more content…
Technology has made an extremely positive impact on doctors in the medical field. There have been extraordinary tools and discoveries made such as devices to help surgeons see more clearly during surgery, tools to complete complicated surgeries, new cures for diseases, medicines for disease control and management, apps for learning, and high tech simulators. These resources have changed the medical field for the better. Hopefully, with technology improving every day, the medical field will develop more tools, cures, and treatments for the

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