How Does North Korea Violate Human Rights

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North Korea Violates Human Rights All around the world human rights are being violated in many ways. There are many leaders that violate their citizen’s human rights. In today’s world, the popular country known for violating citizen’s human rights is North Korea. In North Korea citizens are being restricted from their basic human rights. North Koreans are being malnourished, freedom of movement is being violated, and unusual punishment is taking place. Children in North Korea are not receiving the food, medicine, and healthcare that they need. Therefore, they are not developing physically and mentally, “Millions of North Korean children are not getting the food, medicine or healthcare they need to develop physically or mentally, leaving many stunted and malnourished, the United Nations has said” (Millions of, 2012). About one third of the children in North Korea under the…show more content…
These violations are being compared to the holocaust, “This may sound like Nazi Germany, but these are the horrors being lived through in North Korea today” (Walters, G.). North Korea has around thirty concentration camps where a lot of brutality occurs. The people are brainwashed to worship their ‘Dear Leader’ despite the physical privations and mental tortures they have suffered. Their leader is presented as a god. There was a man that used a newspaper printed with a photograph of Kim Jong-Il, their previous leader, as a mop to clean up a spill and got sent to prison for it. They must treat their leader as a god or they face serious consequences. In the concentration camps, mothers that are pregnant usually give birth to dead babies, but there was a case where one mother actually gave birth to a live baby. This mother was forced to drown her baby because the authority in this country believes that a baby is just one more mouth to feed, therefore they are incapable of feeding
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