How Does Nature Influence Aggression

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Nature and Nurture Influence on Aggression

One psychology debate that remains in today's world is the argument between nature and nurture. Scientists who study behaviors, like psychologists or sociologists, are always arguing about the topic of nature and nurture. Whether nature or nurture plays a more significant role in terms of forming us. Our personality is influenced by many factors in our life, such as the environment or the inherited genes. Some people believe that genes play a bigger part in the formation of our mental traits, such as personality. However, other people argue that nurture factor is an important factor too. There are many factors that are affected by environment and gene. One of those is our behavior of aggression
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In the filed of biology psychology, it is said that there are 3 areas of the brain that are mainly involved in our aggression and violence behavior, which are the hypothalamus, the frontal lobes, and the limbic system. Morley and Hall(2003) have investigated o how the human genes have an influences on their criminal behavior. In their research, they have found a positive relationship between criminal behaviors and genes. Brunner et al(1993) conducted an research on a Dutch family, the result showed that some of the family members from the Dutch family with tendency of aggressive behavior turned out to have mutation occurring in their monoamine oxidase A, a type of neurochemical in the brain. Therefore, we tell say that aggressive behavior is somehow related to human brain structure. In addition, Vergnes pointed out that our brain regions other than the amygdala, also the area called hypothalamus and periaqueductal gray are related to human aggressive behavior. Also it has been shown through several experiments that the increase of serotonergic synapse, a type of neurotransmitter, in our brain will constrain aggression behavior on human. Because of this, some psychological therapist would use the serotonergic drugs to use against aggressive behavior. One of a research conducted at the University of Texas supported the relationship between serotonergic synapse and aggressive behavior. The…show more content…
Nature have mostly genetic influence, and nurture have mostly environmental influence, such as our tendency to imitate through observation. Both have contrasting influence on us when we are forming our behavior. Sometimes our aggressive behaviors happen under certain type of circumstance due to personal experience or other factors. There are no evidence to prove which plays a bigger role, but both plays a important role in terms of forming behavior related to violence and aggressive. I believe that nature and nurture works collaboratively in terms of forming our aggressive
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