How Does Odysseus Justify His Actions Against All The Suitors

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The ending of the epic poem The Odyssey is when Odysseus come back from his journey and he comes home and finds out the wooers who has taken over his home. After he killed them anyone involved with the wooers plot was severely punished. I think that Odysseus has justified his actions against all the suitors. As Odysseus finds out that all the lazy suitors are sitting around feasting on livestock.

Odysseus comeback to a bunch of suitors in his house. When Odysseus returns home he asks Athena to disguise as a beggar so he can plot his secret revenge. His son Telemachus tells him that there are 216 suitors. The suitors thought that Odysseus has died so they would want and hope that Penelope is a widow. All the suitors has find Penelope to
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