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Oedipus Rex was born with the prophecy of killing his father and marrying his mother. His parents try and get around the prophecy by giving away their son. Oedipus grows up not knowing not knowing anything about this he has his big prophecy over his head. and h He travels back to the city of Thebes where he then soon fulfills the prophecy. While he becomes the King of Thebes, he starts the long his journey unraveling the truth. He is a very blind man at first but he changes throughout the play. In the end, Oedipus opens his eyes and turns out to be an accepting man. In the beginning of the play, Oedipus proves himself to be a compassionate man. The priest of Thebes goes to Oedipus for help after there is a lot of death and disease in the city. He is hopeful that Oedipus will give the help they need. After Oedipus hears about all the horrible things happening in his city, he states, “I grieve for you, my children. Believe me I know all that you desire of me. All that you suffer. And while you suffer, none suffer more than I” (27). After Oedipus expresses his point of view, he proves himself as a dedicated leader. He makes sure his people know that he is also suffering just as…show more content…
Teiresias visits the city of Thebes and reveals the truth about why there is so destruction in the city. As the truth is coming out, Oedipus becomes blind toof what Teiresias is saying to him. He becomes very prideful and doesn’t want to believe the truth that is being revealed to him and his people. After Oedipus argues and insults Teiresias, he claims, “I have saved this land from ruin. I am content” (38). After his final words, Oedipus strongly proves to be a prideful man. He is ignorant to the truth. This seemsproves to be his fatal flaw during the play. Overall, while Oedipus hears the truth unraveling in front of him, he is too full of himself to actually realize everything being said is

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