How Does Oedipus Show The Power Of Fate

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In the tragedy of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, a man becomes the king of a country and tries to find his true identity. Then he tries to find the former king 's murderer and runs into more than he can handle like dealing with the horrible plague. Oedipus seeks the most information he can get about the former king 's murder. Oedipus doesn 't know who his real parents are. When he finds out he stabs his eyes out and his wife/ mother hangs herself.The theme power of fate is throughout the whole story. It shows fate mostly at the end when Oedipus finds out his identity. Oedipus is always trying to figure out the solution to the problem. At the beginning of the play, Oedipus had already displayed his ability to solve problems because of the deadly Sphinx. Also he 's saying that the people of his country come before him and that he would do anything for them before he does things for himself. First Priest 1 says “ But you came to Thebes and saved us from the deadly sphinx, the beast that held our city in terror”(2). The priest thinks sense Oedipus solved the sphinx 's riddle that he could solve the solution to the plague. Then Oedipus says “ tell me what you need so I May help” (2) Oedipus already helped with the sphinx so now he is offering to help with the other problems in…show more content…
As the play progresses, Thebes was dealing with a horrible plague, which Oedipus attempts to solve. Oedipus tries to find as much information as he can; first about the plague’s source and then about the murder of the former king. Oedipus says “You said this shepherd informed you that a group of people killed Laius.” (18) The shepherd provided clues to the murder, and Oedipus believes he is getting closer and closer to finding Laius’ killer. Oedipus is determined to find the person responsible for the plague. He also says, “ when Laius went away, was he accompanied by a few or by many armed men”? (16) Oedipus is asking questions to try to figure out the killer of the former
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