How Does Oklahoma City Bombing Cause And Effect Essay

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Stress from events such as the Oklahoma City Bombing causes people to smoke. Studies show that tragedies such as the 9-11 attacks or the Oklahoma City Bombing causes people to smoke, which can lead to other negative effects. Most people remember where they were when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened. In the Oklahoma City Bombing “A total of 168 persons died and 675 persons sustained injuries”(Sample). If someone saw on the news that a building blew up and American lives were taken one could assume that would cause a lot of stress. After the bombing “Eighty-three injured persons had injuries/ serious enough to require hospitalization and over half of them (36 adults and nine children) were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, among their various other injuries”(Sample). Just try to imagine if that was your child that suffered a brain injury, you would probably try to find something to take away the stress. That 's where people begin to smoke. Smoking is bad for the economy. Smoking Costs americans “$ 157 billion in annual economic losses”(Pesko).Americans could use that money for schools or medical reasons. This is all caused by “The…show more content…
It is said that “the tax hike would bring in an additional $326.7 million in annual revenue for a state that is operating under severe budget constraints”(Teague). If the tax on smoking goers up it can bring some of that money back in. The bad thing is that Americans are still losing more money from smoking than receiving. The Oklahoma City Bombing was a true tragedy. In the Bombing “ The dead would number 168, including 19 children”(Ripley). I do not understand how someone could just murder people or even children for that matter. Also “At least six people who survived or lost loved ones have since killed themselves”(Ripley). That is extremely sad. Timothy McVeigh did not just ruin the lives of the people he killed , but also the ones of the people of that community and the victims
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