How Does Ophelia Get Revenge In Hamlet

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In the tragedy, Hamlet, written in the Elizabethan era, the idea of revenge is showcased by Prince Hamlet, in his pursuit to honour his promise of revenge to his father, King Hamlet.The reader follows Prince Hamlet as he struggles to accept that oppression, force and murder are necessary to avenge his uncle Claudius.Throughout the play, the reader watches Hamlets dignity, sanity and sense of reason deteriorate, as he struggles desperately to bring revenge onto his father’s suspected murderer, King Claudius. In Act one scene five, Hamlet is confronted by his father's ghost and is assigned with the duty of getting revenge on his uncle Claudius. Hamlet's character is enraged and despotic as he considers the nature of his uncle's brutal and deceitful murder, “foul deeds will rise through all earth overwhelm them to men's eyes.”(Act one scene 5.) Here, Hamlet presents himself as decisive and totally committed to the idea of revenge and bringing his uncle to rightful justice. As the play progresses, Hamlet begins to face the consequences of becoming too loyal, and having the responsibility of getting revenge on his uncle. He becomes equivocal and lost in confusion as he tries to grasp and evaluate his situation and the likely direction of his revenge…show more content…
He expresses repeated outbursts of empty allegations and scrutiny, “are you honest? Are you fair?” ( Act 3 scene one.)The impression being given is that Hamlet's views of women have been lowered as a result of his commitment to revenge. His obsession with getting revenge on Claudius and honoring his word to his father are directly linked to his despise towards his mother's betrayal as well as his distrust and acrimony with Ophelia. This is yet another consequence of Hamlets commitment to revenge and reinforces the idea that Hamlet is psychologically damaged from his commitment to getting revenge on his
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