Honda Organizational Behavior

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The employees (workers and trainees) including the management team within the organization, are the primary influences on the overall organizational behaviour within the company. Their interactions between individuals along with the numerous personal characteristics influence organizational behaviours such as the education level of employees, their backgrounds, abilities and beliefs.
The structure of the company refers to the organization of individuals in various roles and the relationships, both formal and informal, between those roles. HSMI was recorded of having 3000 employees in total; of these 2000 were in the worker2 category, 1300 were confirmed workers while 700 were contract workers. The other 1,000 employees belonged
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It determines if the company can offer sales and promotions and if the products being made can be sold at an attainable cost. If not they customers would take their business elsewhere. HMSI is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Limited (HMCL) Japan, who is Tokyo, headquartered. Therefore their economy has an effect on HMSI as their economics is a global issue impacted by demand and supply. By maintaining a global viewpoint, HMSI was dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price to ensure complete customer satisfaction in line with Honda’s global standards.
HMSI is an Indian based company; therefore its social environment is different from that of any of the other thirty countries they operate in. Culture and religion play a big part in the effects it has on the company. For instance, Diwali is the most important and most widely observed festival of Hindus, who constitute more than 80% of the Indian population. HMSI had incentives in place to reward employees during this time with bonus’ and gifts.
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HMSI Recommendations. Can they turn this around?
Upon reviewing this case and learning of the ways in which management handled the various situations that proved to be major issues amongst the employees and management teams there are ways in which the company can survive this backlash without losing more than they already have.
Firstly, allowing the employees to have and be able to join the union was too delayed and then it is affiliated with All India Trade Union Congress. When it was first brought to management’s attention they should have had a meeting with the employees and hear them voice their opinions before any drastic measures were taken. In order to move forward, there should be a meeting with both parties (HMSI, HR and Union Members) and discuss civil ways for there to be unity and order in the company. Acknowledging the way it was handled in the past is crucial in learning from mistakes so that history doesn’t repeat itself in the future. Allowing the associates to have their concerns and questions raised in an open and safe way lets them be subjective or lenient if they have slight disagreements with the answers they might
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