How Does Origami Affects Me?

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Origami is a super fun activity to do, but it can effect you like how it did to me. How origami has affected me is by we did origami in social studies, and we did a paper crane. This affected me by there was story behind it had it was a little girl who was in the hospital, and she was going to try to make 100 paper cranes. If she made all 100, her wish would come true. So this inspired me to believe that dreams can always come true. Her wish was to be healed from her illness, and her wish came true. Origami is such a big thing now, just think of what it will be like in the future. There are many pros, and cons of what it will come to, but i will be telling you the pros in this. There can be so many cool things that we can have made of origami. Also, we can recycle all of this paper that we use for it. Origami is a super fun way to express your skills for what you have a talent for. Also, it is such a fun thing to keep you entertained. A cool fact about this is it improves your brain health, and this makes you better at doing things when you are ageing. Also, scientists have said that origami helps you relax and calms your brain.…show more content…
There are many, but i will only be sharing a few. One con is human destruction, we have destroyed so many homes to animals. Also, we are just using it to make stuff out of paper, and there could still be those animals in the trees that we used. Another con to do with origami is we are constantly running out of resources and we can run out of paper with origami, and we shouldn 't run out of it for that

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