How Does Orwell Use Propaganda In 1984

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The totalitarian governmental control in Oceania, its Junior Spies and propaganda techniques are allegorical examples that Orwell uses to relate the society of Oceania to that of Hitler’s and Stalin’s government. Oceania is seen to be under the control of Big Brother and the Party who recognises no limit to the control of their authority and strives to regulate and control every aspect of public and private life. Throughout the book we notice that Big Brother had employed similar means like Stalin and Hitler by having a secret police force, censoring the media and ruling through fear to control the masses. Another method employed by the Party was the Junior Spies which were like Hitler youth. The children were taught at an early age to keep an eye on…show more content…
The family has become in effect an extension of the Thought Police. It was a device by means of which everyone could be surrounded night and day by informers who knew him intimately" (page 133). This quote is extremely important as it clearly states the intentions of the Party of manipulating not just adults but people of all ages. The Party took advantage of the sacred parental relationship as they new that children know their parents better than others and thus could report on even subtle differences in their guardians behaviour. This method was employed by Hitler as well as Big Brother as they knew that the children were the future generation and it was essential for the Party to brainwash them in order to oppress the masses and remain in power. The Party also used propaganda in order to convince the masses that Oceania was living in economic prosperity, the country was doing better than the past years. The junior anti sex league, posters of Big Brother, patriotic songs, Hate week, party slogans, telescreens, constant surveillance and telescreen are some of the many ways the government controls the people. In a similar manner, the Nazis used propaganda to increase their support and appeal. They
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