Potato Osmosis Investigation

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Name: Simon Lau An Investigation to find out how the Concentration of a Salt Solution will affect the mass of a Potato

Investigation Background Information: In this investigation we are going to see how osmosis occurs in a potato and affects the mass by reducing or adding onto it. Osmosis is the diffusion of water between a semi-permeable membrane from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. Variables that can be explored in this investigation is how the concentration of salt solution could affect the mass as well as how the size of potato could affect the mass. Research Question:
How does the concentration of a salt solution, increased by increments of 2.0% (±0.1% molar) affect the mass of a potato (± 1g) over 30 minutes? (ç0.1 minutes) Hypothesis: My
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Take the data and make a graph. Safety Precautions: I believe all the safety precautions were met in this experiment. All of the safety experiments are:

Report all broken glassware/spills to the teacher immediately.
This is important because it reduces risk of cuts/injuries and is more responsible.

2. Do not run in the lab.
This also reduces risk from students bumping into each other and falling, reducing risk from 1.

3. Put bags underneath tables as it reduces the risk of people tripping.
When people walk around, they usually have little awareness and may trip on things sticking out, such as bags.

4. Wear apron and safety goggles/glasses.
This is important because it could prevent .

5. Be sensible.
This is probably the most important rule and most forgotten rule too, as being sensible will massively decrease the chances of being hurt including both teachers and students. Some examples of this is, don’t throw the liquids, don’t play in the lab, etc.

6. Don’t eat or drink in the lab.
This is the most relevant to our experiment as we are working with foods and liquids, it may put the student at risk from dehydration or poisoning.

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