How Does Parenting Styles Affect Social Behaviour

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With the aim of understanding the effects of parenting styles on social behaviour of children, I have studied many researches and realised that parenting style has a major role in a child’s social behavioural development. Parenting style is over all style or example we took from our parents in bringing up one's children instead of a particular choice taken at a particular circumstance. This pattern develops the personality of the child. There are two fundamental components of parenting style, one is responsiveness that is the amount you're willing to give freedom to your child and the other is demanding that is the way strict you are or dutifulness you require. While authoritarian parents are exceptionally strict and controlling, authoritative parents are much warmer and communicative. Authoritarian parents have a strong sense of justice and need for obedience, authoritative parents balance between the child’s desire for independence and obedience. This effects child's social behaviour. Studies have shown that children having authoritarian parents suffer from low self esteem and are generally unable to make their own decisions or even take a stand for…show more content…
The authoritative parenting style is about setting limits, reasoning with children, and being receptive to their emotional needs. This approach is normal in middle class settings all through the world, and it's connected with the successful child outcomes. Children raised by authoritative parents are generally independent, confident, socially acknowledged, good in academics, and well behaved. They are less likely to engage in antisocial behaviour like delinquency and drug use, and are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety Authoritative parenting occupies a sort of middle ground between giving an excess of opportunity and being excessively

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