How Does The Pearl Change In The Scarlet Letter

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Rossi1 Matthew Rossi Asha Appel English 4 11/15/14 Growing up Through the Actions of Others In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Pearl changes when different characters thoughts and believes are portrayed through voice or objects. This leads her to be very malleable to and be ever evolving. The townspeople, Hester, and Dimmesdale now play a key role in shaping Pearl from a product of sin into a god like child. Different characters affect Pearl because they allow her to see herself from different points of view. This allows pearl to change and adapt herself to fit in different scenes and parts of the story. In the beginning of the story Pearl is viewed as a product of sin and a child derived from pure evil.” Pearl was born an outcast of the infinite world. An imp of evil, emblem and…show more content…
This was the first part in the book when Dimmesdale went on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl. When all three of them were on the scaffold Pearl was described as “Pearl she a symbol, and the connecting link between the two”(139). When they were on the scaffold pearl connected Hester and Dimmesdale. As soon as Pearl held hands with both of them she felt as if she was no longer a product of sin because of Hester and Dimemsdasles actions. When the townspeople saw this they thought that Pearl was a magical human that brought together two people in a tough time. After they stopped holding hands Pearl “withdrew her hand form Mr. Dimmesdale’s, and pointed across the street. But he clasped both his hands over his breast, and cast his eyes towards the zenith”(139). When Pearl let go of his hand she pointed across the street, which was a way of her saying that she changed. As soon as she does this Dimmesdale puts his hand over his chest and looks away. He doesn’t want to accept that he caused Pearl to now be viewed as a Non
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