Influence Of Peers Essay

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The influence of Peers on children’s socialization to gender roles
Written by Sysan D. witt ( Phd assistant professor The university of Akron)

Peer group is a social grsoup whose members have interests , social positions , and age in common .This is where children can escape supervision and learn to form relationship on their own. Peer group will sharpened the gender role for male and female especially during adolescence. The socialization of girls and boys into their gender roles gets a boost from their same-sex peers , as Barrie Thorne found in her research in 1993 years.This social interaction is a major area in which gender role development take places. However , peer groups generally only affect short term interests unlike the
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But girl prefer to choose indoor activities such as watching drama . Girls engage more often in cooperative kinds of play. For example jump rope or practice dance. We can conclude that boys and girls have different styles of play and interaction from one another. They also use difference languages to communicate with people. Boys use language to negotiate conflict and solve problem with physical aggression or threats. Girls tends to learn cooperation , intimacy ,tolerance in dealing with conflict . we can see that girl is more self discipline than boys. We can see that there have a difference between how boys and girls build friendship or interact with their friends. Boys tend to associate or mixed with a huge bunch of buddies but girls tend to make one or two bosom friends only. Girls will show gesture of intimacy such as sharing each other’s sweaters. They also like gather together to have some secret talk . By contrast , when boys get along with their friend ,they will express their solidarity in rough way such as giving ‘highfive’ hand slap . Peer groups have a significant influence on psychological and social adjustments for group individuals. They provide perspective outside of individual’s
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