How Does People Make Personal Opinion In The Crucible

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People will make personal opinions within the first 5 seconds of seeing another person even if they does not know them. Sometimes people don't know that their making opinions. Sometimes those opinions are accurate, but most of the time they are not. In Arthur Miller's The Crucible this can be read first hand. In modern day society, people make accusations and opinions based on prior knowledge and experiences. The premise of The Crucible is people making opinions of others based on prior knowledge and experiences, another thing that could alter one's opinion is another person’s opinion. In The Crucible the character Abigail who is a influential 17 year old girl, accuses people of witchcraft and with the support of others they manage to drive other people to believe them. This happens a lot in modern society people are making opinions and accusations based on what other people say rather than prior knowledge and experiences. Today we have racism and scrutiny based on ethnicity, race and religion. This is because of people with large amounts of influence like politicians and and corporate businesses making…show more content…
After which the alleged witch is imprisoned and the prosecutors don’t lose face. They do this because if other people discovered that someone was falsely imprisoned than the people would want change, this would lead to the prosecutors losing power. In today's society this still happens only it has moved from the court system to the general public, accusing people based on race ethnicity and even rumors. The Crucible is showing how people instead of admitting being wrong would rather carry out the argument in hopes that eventually they would win, in The Crucible when Giles refused to answer aye on nay if he was a
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