How Does Peter Filak Use Chemicals To Purify Drinking Water?

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Peter Filak is not drinking water since 2012, aiming to reach 150 years old
He doesn’t believe in hydration anymore, saying that chemicals are used to purify drinking water
He relies solely on fruits and vegetable for hydration needs
Realizing that chemicals are used in purifying water, a male model suddenly find it hard to understand why he has to it; so he decided to stop, taking his last zip of water in 2012.

In an article written by Spooky of Oddity Central, it was disclosed that Peter Filak, 26, claims that he drank his last sip of water, or any kind of liquids for that matter, over three years ago -- and, take note, he is still alive.

Filak, a former registered nurse and current webcam model, said he had his last sip of water on May 5, 2012. At first, he admitted, he had a few slips in his liquid-free lifestyle; drinking some sodas and chocolate milks. But later on, he learned to control his urges, and relied solely on fruits and vegetables for his nutrition and hydration needs since then.
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So it just didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand why I had to be drinking all that water,” Filak wrote on his website, More Apples a Day.

Chlorine and flouride

Filak said he doesn’t believe in hydration anymore, saying that chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride – which are commonly used to purify drinking water – are just too much for his body.

“Even when you’re filtering water, you’re taking out one chemical and putting in another …[especially] the filtered water where chlorine and fluoride and all those other happy things are added to it,” he explains.

15o years old,
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