How Does Photography Affect The Photography Of Iwo Jima

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More Than Just Pictures The earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera was taken by Joseph Nicephore in 1826. As technology evolved, so did photography. More advanced technology gave way for better quality photographs. Pictures allow us to capture memorable moments and to be able to share those moments with other people. So how does photographing change or shape our understanding of those memorable moments? And how does a single picture like the flag raising of Iwo Jima taken by photographer joe Rosenthal during WW2 in 1945 become one of the most powerful and most iconic pictures of all time? During disparate times like world war 2 and the terrorist attack of New York in September 11. people will always be looking for answers and hope, and photographs serve as a source of hope and information for everyone around the world.…show more content…
Although this picture didn’t become as famous as the one taken in Iwo Jima, it still holds great value because like the Iwo Jima picture it shows a nation that has been devastated by some harsh events and has gotten up. This simple picture has the power to connect a nation together, bring the patriotism out of all Americans and make them want to stand up and do something about the situation and simply bringing everyone together. This picture also helped to show the people how united we are as a country and despite the situation we will always manage to rise from the ashes. Photos such as this one have a huge impact in the people specially during hard times like September 11. As simple as the picture can be it will have an impact in just about everyone who sees it. It will shape and change the viewer’s understanding of the event reflecting that photograph. may saw that picture as a sign of hope and relief and other as a sign of victory and

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