How Does Photography Impact Society

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In the 1839, Louis J M Daguerre released the born of photography, and the nature of art was becoming different since photography had changed the features of art. The main element to create a photo is light. Because of light, then that’s image. It’s totally different from the painting. Every painting has slightly differences when we looked at them even they were being drawn on the same thing. But photography does not contain this problem. The reality of photography is not based on the individual skill just like painting, but what we saw in the real as our eyes. Therefore, the new idea had appeared to redefined the art, especially painting. Painting concerns on the long reaction between the artist and the model, it’s very time consuming. On the…show more content…
Society create culture, and culture brings impact on society. Photography became very common nowadays, because it’s a kind of communication. Photographs are the evidence of history of our society. And the history changed into culture. That’s one of the way how we can understand the history. Once photography lost its artistic identity and became common in the society, it began its function in society. For example, commemorate some special day in the family for presenting the importance in their heart. Using photographs to record things is a trend which will never stop. But how photographs become usual in society may talk from the invention by George Eastman . George Eastman created the first Kodak camera which affected the popularity among the society since it’s convenient, all the process of developing will be done by the company. Later, George invented the Brownie camera which was small enough to be convenient. Because of the portable, affordable features of the Brownie camera, it became a popular choice for family to create memories. Along with the development and improvement of camera, taking photos everywhere is usual nowadays since we have our smart phones. The first mobile phone with camera was invented in 2000 and it had only hundred thousand pixels in it. But with the great improvement and common use of smart phones todays, maybe no one would had never taken photos or selfies at all. ‘Recently, photography has become almost as widely practiced an amusement as sex and dancing,’ Susan Sontag , ’which means that, like every mass art form, photography is not practiced by most people as an art.’ Photography is not only art anymore in the society, but also be contains in politics. ‘It is mainly a social rite, a defense against anxiety, and a tool of power,’ said by Susan. No one can pull away from politics, because the society full of photographs, and the
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