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Physical Changes and Development of an Infant Introduction The growth rate of an individual is always more rapid in the first year than any other time in his or her lifetime. A close relationship and observation form the parents, caregivers and frequent medical checkup from the doctors is important in promoting healthy well-being and development of the baby. Breast feeding from the mother is important, emotional attachment and bonding from those around her and availing a stimulating conducive environment for the child is beneficial in shaping the personality and character. The changes that the baby undergoes can be grouped into; cognitive changes, vocal and language development, physical changes, sensory development and social changes. Physical Development The baby average weight id between 6-10 pounds during the neonatal period that occurs in the first four weeks, by the first six months most babies add almost half of their birth weight, roughly they gain 3 inches by the fourth month. Within the first two months the hands are fisted while the arms are…show more content…
Does the genetic make-up of an individual of an individual influence his or her development or does the environment also have an influence. In prenatal development, do they have any influence especially in a case of twins who grew up together but ended up have almost the same personality? When the mother is going into labor, does nurture and nature have any influence on the outcome? What characteristics determine the woman time of going into labor, are they inherited of those that have developed from the environment, whether the environmental stimulus are the course of labor. All in all there some evidence to show that environmental factor could initiate and have an effect on development some activity even before genetic factors in developing birth complications, during birth , labor and prenatal

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