How The Physical Environment Affect An Individual's Behaviour

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The physical environment that we live in will also affect our development and behaviour. For example if an individual is living in an overcrowded apartment then their pies development will mainly be affected negatively. For example as they are living in close quarters with one another then illnesses and infections will be spread quicker also there wouldn’t be much room to move about in. Intellectually the individual will find it difficult to concentrate and this can have knock on effects, as if it is a child at school, they could fall behind on their education and find it difficult to find a job. Also emotionally they could feel embarrassed about their current state and also frustrated. They could also become increasingly agitated as the people they are living with could annoy them. To contrasts with this they may feel secure as they feel safe with their family close around them, knowing that they have their support. Finally socially they may be cut off as they will not want to invite people around, however this could encourage them to go out more to avoid being at home as much, this could be an opportunity to gain new friends. The way we were treated when we were growing up will have a large impact on out psychological…show more content…
To start with the biological perspective. The benefits of this perspective are that it helps us to understand how we recognise certain behaviours. For example we learn that at school when a bell rings this signifies that it is lunch time. Therefore this causes an instant behavioural change as it is a learnt behaviour; however a drawback of the biological perspective would be that the perspective doesn’t take into account the individuals thoughts or feelings. Although that is an advantage of the humanistic

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