How Does Physical Geography Affect Human Interactions

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Does Physical Geography Affect Human Interaction

Over the hundreds of years since the human race evolved, people have migrated to different parts of the world. There they would set up societies,and develop cultures, such as beliefs in order to make sense of the world around them.Each new developments may differ depending on their physical geography. Studies taken by historians and others who study human interaction in the past, have concluded that physical geography does help develop one's society causing it to be an extremely important because it could make or break a society.

In Guns, Germs,and Steel Professor Jared Diamond was asked by an Native New Guineans man named Yali “Why do you white man have so much cargo, while we have
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The way a person lives their life is what do they do to continue living. Hunting, farming, gathering are different ways of how people get food which helps develop a sense of how the world works, for example a farmer would depend on rain to water his crops in order for them to grow , he then would start to believe that there is a Rain god that controls the rain and who he must please in order to get rain by perhaps sacrificing things he finds enjoyable to the rain god.After creating one god they may have started giving other god to other things they don't understand, We would call this Polytheism ,which is the belief in many gods. While hunters may believe that they must ask the animal to show themselves and sacrifice their life for the hunter to feed themselves and their family, this may start the belief of Animism the belief that everything has a spirit, where the hunters must respect the animals spirit and not waste a thing. With a well picked physical geography a society can flourish and strive. A good physical geography would have rich soil, great climate, and etc... with these a society could farm and have enough food to develop a surpluses therefore not needing more farms letting people explore their intersect and discovering new thing. If you look in the past you see how having a good physical geography help our country become what is

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