How Does Pleasantville Affect The 50s

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Pleasantville, a 1998 film depicting a teenagers 50’s lifestyle, contains a lot of sociological concepts. The 50’s society becomes corrupted when modern norms and actions are introduced. Values, sources of change, norms, and agents of socialization were used unintentionally by the 1998 society to influence the 50’s teens. The 90’s teens in the movie, Jennifer and David, change the meanings of each of the eight values when they enter the 50’s society. At first, they have freedom in their 90’s home when their mom goes away. They begin arguing and lose their freedom when the television repair man gives them the remote that transfers them into the strict 50’s society. There, they discover the difference in moral values. People in the 50’s are very proper and they value each other and their relationships, whereas in the 90’s people are more hardcore and sexually active. It is noticed that in the 50’s world, everyone is equal. Everyone is kind to their neighbor, unlike in the 90’s where there are cliques and outcasts. The town is efficient in the fact that it’s perfect as nothing ever goes wrong, but they also become efficient at voicing their opinions …show more content…

The teens of Pleasantville were into taking it slow and holding hands after a long time, but when Jen introduced the idea of sexual intercourse at Lovers Lane to Skip, Skip’s relationship values changed. He accepted sex and began to spread the word about how great it was and everyone’s relationship values began to change. As the values changed, the physical environment of Pleasantville changed. People began making art, reading books and were turning things to color. Black and white people and colored people did not get along well at all. There were riots and destruction of property that caused uproar in government. When the mayor finally turns to color, so does the whole town. This was the end result of the social

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