How Does Police Brutality Affect The Community

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The Police vs. the Community Police brutality is a big issue that is affecting our society in many ways and no matter what state you live in you will either face it yourself or know someone who is facing this situation and either wants help or revenge. There are many reasons the police would treat people anyway but I see the main reasons as there is no agency to police the police, the police often use the alibi “I felt threatened”, and racism. Through the eyes of a young black male I see these things happening every day. One, of the reasons I think police brutality is such as a big deal is because there is no agency to police the police. This means that there is nobody telling the police to stop or to handle the situation differently. A small group of protesters could monitor police officers and inform them that their methods are extreme. When it comes to requiring the use of force such as beating or shooting suspects officers need to try using peaceful negotiations. For instance if you are a witness to police brutality you and anybody else that happened to be present on the scene can band together and report the incident or talk to the police and remind them to talk it out first before pulling out weapons. Then, there are many police officers who would often use the alibi “I felt threatened” which helps them to…show more content…
The many citizens who see it as wrong should not be scared to take a stand but to remind the police departments the many deaths of the unarmed African-Americans who were either beaten or gunned down. As a young black man I see these many issues everyday no agency to police the police, the alibi “I felt threatened”, and racism which are all the wrong reasons to harass people even if they are not breaking the law. If we are able to have many protesters in the neighborhoods the police should try to take the message of doing their job fairly instead of doing it their

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