How Politics Affect Global Politics

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Global politics refers to politics that is conducted at a global rather than a national or regional level (Heywood, 2011). The key players in this are not the politicians in a specific country but rather a group of states dealing at an international level. Their interactions sometimes lead to events which will shape global politics. Global politics is sometimes determined by regional and domestic affairs of a state – their foreign policies or relationship with other countries. This paper will discuss the U.S. Pivot to Asia and how it affects Global Politics. Not long after the end of the Cold-War, the United States sought different foreign policies and geopolitical strategies in order to avoid a single country to dominate the Europe and…show more content…
The answer to this is the foreign policies that are developed by the United States to ensure its future in world affairs and global politics. In the 21st century, the world is often described to be highly globalized which makes the decision of a particular state, especially if it is powerful to affect not only specific countries but rather the whole world. Foreign policy was designed by heads of government with the aim of achieving domestic and global agendas (Hussain, 2011). In the case of the United States, the Pivot to Asia was proposed and created as a foreign policy for the US to position itself in the Asia-Pacific to maintain its control in the region through the façade of economic and military alliance. Many domestic entities influence foreign policy such as the current state of the country, the objectives and domestic policies of the head of state, economic capabilities, and public opinion inter alia. The United States today is still considered as the most powerful country in the world but in order to remain so, it must develop foreign policies that will safeguard its interest. This is also the objectives of the current American administration hence the Pivot to Asia was created. This is how Global Politics is affected in the domestic

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