How Politics Affects Our Daily Life Essay

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Politics is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a global level. It is also the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community as well as the interrelationship between communities. Aristotle described politics as a practical science, since it is concerned with the noble action or happiness of the citizens. Politics affects our everyday lives as governments implement policies that have social and economic impacts on us such as wages, taxes and health care. We all have a part to play in society such as adhering to laws in order to live peacefully among each other. This essay will examine the ways in which politics affects our daily lives and the reasons for it.
The first way in which politics affects us is by giving us rights to live by. When a new government is elected into power, they are able
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This is because we elect officials to make important decisions for us based on our needs and requirements. Also, society changes according to politics as governments try to improve by modernising their aspects to suit our needs. Politics can be incorporated into many aspects of society such as private lives, economy, tradition, education and can be seen as the foundation stones of a country. It structures a society by providing rules and regulations to adhere to and function peacefully. Politics is important because it affects how we live and influences the way we think, it provides us with the ability to live peacefully and freely in a society where we have opportunities in many countries to prosper and make a just living for ourselves and families but in saying that politics also breeds tensions and conflicts amongst different communities. An example can be the London riots of 2011 which were mainly triggered by the social and economic inequality gap which has placed many people below average due to the wages they are

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