Environment Essay: How Pollution Affects Human Life

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Pollution is a big problem around the world that affects at least a thousand of animals,marine life and also causes global warming.Pollution can cause death or serious problems and diseases.A article Bios Urn states that “8.9 million people are killed a year from pollution”.It also says that 200 million people suffer from pollution.This shows why pollution is a really big problem. In this essay we are going to see how pollution affects the environment and the ecosystem.In addition to how pollution affects animals,plants, and marine life.Finally,how pollution affects human health. To begin with, pollution affects the environment and the ecosystem.Pollution has a big impact on the environment and the ecosystem because it…show more content…
In addition to how pollution affects plants,animals,and marine life.Pollution can affect living beings in many ways.One major way pollution can affect living beings is when living beings inhale polluted air this can cause harm to their respiratory system and which can result problems in breathing and even cause death if to much of carbon dioxide inhaled.Pollution also causes diseases like lung cancer,emphysema,asthma and other respiratory related diseases.Another major pollution is water pollution which affects a lot of marine life.When harmful substances are polluted in the water like oil,plastic and other waste it can cause marine animals to die because they might eat plastic that is thrown in the water and think that it is food and suffocate or fishes might soak in oil in an oil spill and and which might not cause them to swim.Pollution may also cause extinction to a certain kind of species which can result in an imbalance in their food chain.Another major type of pollution that affects animals is sound pollution it mostly applies to whales and dolphins because their sense of hearing is the most important for them when they have to hunt for prey and migrate and they have trouble distinguishing the sounds.In the passage pollution article it states that “Because of the increased ship traffic and offshore oil drilling noise pollution has started affecting very large number of marine animals”This quote shows how offshore oil drillings and ship traffic has a

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