How Does Pop Culture Affect Society

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From Pop Culture to Pot Culture: How The Counterculture of The American "Stoner" Has Affected Society Introduction: In the fifth century Romans made desserts out of marijuana, and used it to ease the pain of childbirth. Just five decades ago John Lennon asked America to "Make Love, Not War," expressing the ideals that made the "Hippie." Only days ago New Jersey has began discussion of legalizing marijuana. Culture is always moving and evolving, being manipulated and changed. Though, as a current cultural movement the United States seems to be moving in a direction in which marijuana might not just hold legal status but a normal place in modern society. With those basic principles in mind, one is left to question the implications of foregoing action and allowing culture to run its course. America and Marijuana:…show more content…
A few particularly inspired members of this group of outcasts pursued planning and creating live events, these rebels called themselves "Merry Pranksters." In January of 1966 the Pranksters attempted their biggest event ever, 20,000 people at a three day festival. By the end of the summer of 1966 they were packed 15,000 deep in Ashbury. Not long after the lifestyle had spread to communities all over the states, their modern ideals spread. They were Anti-War, particularly they protested the Vietnam War. Aside from that they urged attention to race and discrimination, along with imploring for help for the poor and need. In the year 1970 many major policy changes affected the societal opinion of Marijuana. First a repeal of minimum sentences for drug crimes was put in place. In the same year the Comprehensive Drug Abuse and Control Act went into effect. This allowed for a much needed way to differentiate between Narcotics and Marijuana. This clearly represents a change in attitude as a
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