How Does Pornography Influence Human Behavior

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The Influence of Pornography on Human Behavior
According to Yafee et al. in 1982, pornography is the delineation of the life of a prostitute through graphic representation of sexual conduct whose deliberate intentions is to arouse sexual desires and to facilitate its expression. Whereas, the subsections 159 (1) and 152 (2) of the constitution of Canada refers pornography as an ‘obscene’ matter, i.e. crime, horror, cruelty, violence, and exploitation (Fraser, 1985). Yafee’s definition states pornography as a depiction of sexual pleasures, but on the other hand, the Canadian constitutional definition of pornography reflects the idea of violence and sexual exploitation. The paper centralized on the theme that modern pornographic depiction is a
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In the further support of this argument, it is said by River Redwood that “the pornography is about acting and performing only”. The pornographic media is an ‘idealized sexual fiction’ and it is not the best place to learn about the sexual behavior and human communication in the real world. It is more fiction than reality (Meulen, 2013). Moreover, Susan in 1989 said that men’s sexuality in pornography is represented in the form of rapist and female sexuality is depicted as the rape victim. Further, she explores the idea that in the pornographic world, men exploit the women by abusing, hurting and dominating whereas, women is depicted as the person who enjoy the sexual submission and exploitation (Cole, 1989). Pornography celebrates the physical power of men over women” (Dworkin, 1981:26). Pornography promotes the stereotypical violent image of masculinity and those men who don’t measure up are suspect—they are wimps, sissies, fags, girls (Jensen, 2007). For example, “according to a 2013 survey of 4,200 Canadians (majority men) 18 years and over by Canadian Living magazine, 52 per cent of those surveyed admitted to sexting and prone to the stereotypical violent masculinity.” (C., & Cotroneo, 2013). The statistics represent the idea that by internet resources, pornography is promoting the stereotypical masculinity in the life of adolescences and hence, leads to juvenile delinquencies. However, pornographers work hard to make pornography abuse-invisible by depicting the vulnerability of women in pornography as a pleasurable

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