How Does Poverty Affect Children With Disabilities

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Children with disabilities and are from low-income families tend to have a harder time in school. For “Children who are poor are more likely to become disabled through poor health care,” suggesting that it being low-income then there is a higher chance of becoming disabled. When children have a disability “Only 10% of all children with disabilities are in school and of this number only half who begin, actually complete their primary education,” (Children and Young People with Disabilities). This is implying that only a small amount of children with disabilities barely even completing primary education. So poverty can lead children to developing a disability which then increases the chances of not being able to get an equal education as the students that don’t have a disability.…show more content…
It made New Orleans go into poverty which ended up affecting everyone who lived there. It made children miss out on school for quite a while which means that they missed out on their education. For example, “A child that was seven years old when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans will be 17 today. When the storm hit, he would have just started 2nd grade,” (The Devastating Effect Hurricane Katrina Had on Education). This means that the seventeen year old lost ten years’ worth of education because of the natural disaster. Not only that, but it also made “One-in-five school-age children were either not enrolled in school or were only partially attending (missing more than 10 days a month),” (The Devastating Effect Hurricane Katrina Had on Education). It shows that numerous amount of children lost a chunk of their education during the aftermath of the

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